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The Basics of Marbelite Start-Up & Pool Maintenance

  1. The pool filling process must commence immediately after the Marbelite finish is completed, unless otherwise notified by the applicator.
  2. During daylight hours, the Marbelite finish must be kept wet by way of a low pressure spray from a garden hose until the pool is filled. This is absolutely crucial since it will prevent lifting of the Marbelite finish from the concrete. During the filling process a spider web-like pattern (crazing) may appear on the finish. This is a natural process and will virtually disappear once the Marbelite has absorbed its natural moisture content. (Crazing may remain more apparent in coloured Marbelite finishes.)
  3. Pool water must be kept clear of all debris so as to avoid staining the delicate new finish.
  4. In order to minimize any deposits, the filtering system should be started as soon as possible.
  5. As soon as your system is fired up, add a sequestering agent directly to the pool water.
  6. During the first two weeks of operation, it is imperative that the pool surface be brushed (with a non-metal pool brush) and vacuumed daily, in order to prevent preliminary deposits forming and hardening on the walls and especially the floor. Avoid using automatic pool vacuums which have wheels. These wheels may leave white markings on the finish.
  7. During the next several weeks it will be normal for the P.H level to be high. This will eventually drop to normal range with the continued use of the pool. Consult your service company if the increase in P.H. levels is persistent.
  8. When the pool is not in use for extended periods or winterized, a good pool cover is recommended in order to keep the water free from debris.
  9. It is a common occurrence, when a pool is winterized and the water level is maintained below the Marbelite finish, to notice chipping and spalling on the exposed areas. This unsightly problem can be avoided if the water level is maintained above the Marbelite finish. This should only be done after consulting with your pool contractor or service company on the proper procedure in draining the plumbing system. Failure to take this precaution may result in costly repairs.

Water Balance Parameters

pH 7.4 – 7.6
Cyanuric acid (stabilizer) Below 50 ppm
Alkalinity 80 – 120 ppm
Sequestering agent 10 – 12 ppm Monthly
Free available Chlorine (FAC) 1-3 ppm
Metals 0 ppm
Combined Chlorine 0 ppm
Total available chlorine (TAC) Equal to free (represents 0ppm combined)
Calcium hardness 200 – 400 ppm (below 250 for exposed aggregate)
TDS (total dissolved solids) Below 1200 ppm or no more than 800 ppm above fill water

*Important: Solids may precipitate due to water chemistry in your area. Furthermore, high levels of metals in your water (i.e. copper, iron) may cause staining. Consult your marbelite applicator company for special mineral cancelling chemicals to neutralize these conditions.

** Poor water chemistry is the single most overlooked factor contributing to rapid Marbelite deterioration. We strongly urge that brand name products be used when treating pool water. Cheaper, low-end products tend to contain unwanted (damaging) fillers which may harm the Marbelite finish. However, chemical treatment alone will not produce sanitary pool water. A filtration system in proper working condition is also required to attain sparkling clear, polished and sanitary water. We urge you to contact your pool professional for further details and assistance.

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