If Marbelite is such a good product, why is it only warranted for one year?

Like all good quality products, Marbelite needs proper maintenance to ensure optimal performance. You wouldn’t think of having your high-end vehicle serviced by anyone other than a quality, licensed dealer or service provider, yet many pool owners are using inferior pool chemicals, following improper winterizing procedures and are having their pools serviced by unknowledgeable service providers because of slightly lower costs. Variability in the quality of maintenance products, procedures and service providers is something that G.R. can’t control. We leave our job sites knowing that we have provided a smooth, stain-free and sound Marbelite finish.

If Marbelite is such a delicate pool finish, why use it?

All pool surfaces are equally affected by improper pool water chemistry. Did you know that the lining of a vinyl pool can deteriorate if pool water alkalinity is too low? Similarly, painted pool finishes can chalk or flake if pH is too low. What sets Marbelite apart is that a properly maintained Marbelite pool finish far outlasts any other available pool finish available.

Why should I use G.R. to Marbelite my pool? What sets your company apart from other pool marbeliters?

G.R. Pools is dedicated to consumer education and information. As members of the National Plasterers Council, we believe in a proactive versus a reactive approach to Marbelite care. We provide our customers with proper start-up and maintenance procedures which, when followed closely, will ensure a long-lasting renovation. The more you know, the more you can prevent elements that could damage your pool finish.

Why do black and grey Marbelite finishes appear mottled?

G.R. pools are hand-troweled. Naturally, there are slight variations which occur throughout the troweling process. These variations appear more noticeable on coloured Marbelite finishes over white Marbelite finishes. In addition, a byproduct of curing marbelite is calcium hydroxide which appears as white scale or dust. The darker the finish, the greater the contrast between the finish and the dust. Mottling can be greatly reduced by following proper start-up procedures, diligent brushing and the addition of specific chemicals. For further information, log on to our customer only Marbelite Guide section.


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